Saturday, April 3, 2010

My idea of fun

"Wanna have some fun?"
Yeah! Life is too short... let's have FUN!
Oh wait... what do you mean by fun?
Oh... that. You just want "no strings" access to my body parts?
That's um.. sweet. Tempting.. but no thanks.
Want to know what my idea of fun is?

Let's talk about how to make the world a better place.
I want to hear your ideas, your hopes and dreams for the future.
I want to know what makes your heart ache... what makes you laugh out loud.
I want to know your deepest darkest secret... and then laugh together at how silly it is.
I want to know your fears and weaknesses... and love you anyway.
I want coffee made for me, just the way I like it.
I want chocolate and flowers.. because "I thought of you today."
Body parts? You want body parts? Let me show you how.. and where... in a million different ways. Isn't that better than one sloppy drunken night? It is for me...

Know what else is fun? Having a life growing inside you.
One that I made with you... a combination of both our lives... a part of both of us.. forever. How fun is that?!
Then we get to watch it grow... we love and nurture it together.. we learn, we grow.. together.
I see you every day, and learn more about you every day.. and love you more... every single day.
And you teach me more about myself.. and I grow and change.. and become a better person because of you. And you love me... more and more.
Are we having fun yet?

So... yeah. I like having fun.
I want fun... with someone who knows what it's really all about.
Call me when you grow up and figure it all out.

love ani.
yes... love me.
it's all or nothing.
i'm worth it.


  1. Wow! I'm pretty sure those are the exact thoughts going through my ex's head right about now. Albeit I was not asking for "no strings access to body parts", in her mind I was and she doesn't have something growing inside her.

    Anyway, I assume your wrote that to a guy. Give him some credit, as men we do not communicate effectively, do not understand our own feelings or anyone else's, and often are jerks for the silliest of reasons. In addition, we don't understand any feeling beyond hunger, thirst, or weariness. Ultimately we have to be treated as small animals, you slowly coax us out of our caves but any sudden movement and we'll go running back in. On the flip side, we generally do love people we spend time with and never intentionally hurt the people we love, we're just too dumb to realize we're doing it.

    Good luck,

  2. Love this post Ani. The all or nothing, the doing things's exactly what anyone deserves and wants. Don't settle till you find it all! mwa

  3. @anon: It wasn't directed at anyone specifically.
    But give the guy some credit? Um... no. I won't.
    If she's worth the effort, the "poor guy" will find a way to communicate his feelings.
    I'm tired of small animals.
    I want more.

    @cazpi: *mwah*

  4. There are only ever 2 choices - all or nothing!

    It IS that simple!