Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A look back at Masks

It looks like Halloween is done and dusted.
The costumes and masks have been put away.. and people can be themselves again.
However, I just see people in different costumes and masks.
It still amazes me how much effort people spend on "looking good" for other people.
How often do we say that things are just fine... when they're not.
How many times do we pretend, do we lie, do we hide our true feelings?
Are you happy doing that?

Well, I stumbled onto this post on StumbleUpon that I wrote in 2007 (although the actual event took place in 1999) that still rings true. Extract from here:

"many moons ago, i attended a dress up party as snow white.
how funny, people said, cause you're just like snow white... all sweet and innocent.

and.. well... by now you should know how much i hate being typecast as anything...

so... i decided to try out whiskey.
drank too much and made out with some strange guy.

but no one noticed.
and no one really cared what i did....
except me.

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and so i learned...
don't let other people determine who or what you are....
just be you."

And i'm still learning.
When will I ever learn?!

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