Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The boy and the shoes

Shoes by ~voorikvergeet

There once was a girl that had some shoes.
The shoes hurt her feet but she carried on walking with her friend up a mountain.
She made it all the way to the top and spent some magical moments in rock pools with the friend.
On the way back, she had to stop because her feet were hurting so bad.
The very kind friend (a boy) offered the girl his shoes and he would wear hers.
The girl protested but, after a few more painful steps, she tried on his shoes.
They fit and they both walked off together down the mountain.
The boy soon removed his shoes and walked barefoot instead.
The boy hurt his feet on the rocky mountain.... but never once complained.
The girl... was very grateful....and was in awe of his kindness and generosity.
She was also, despite all her protests, fallling into serious "like" all over again with the boy.

This could be trouble.
But she didn't care.


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