Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my internet friends

Let's not discuss December 16th... or the 17th either.
I will leave the horrid details for my close friends and my now ex-boyfriend.
Let's just say... lesson learned.
I am never going to compromise what I want and need... EVER... again.
So it looks like I'll be single for a while... cause I'm a demanding bitch.

One good thing that I discovered this week... my internet friends are real.
Yeah, I've kinda known that for a while.. but, when hanging around non-internet people (waves to aunty and mommy), you tend to minimise the effect these "avatars" have on your life.

Of course... I don't do internet relationships like other people.
I put it all out there... I dont hold any punches. I give 100% of myself and I expect the same.
That reminds me of my favourite review of my page on SU* from my friend xineann:

: anitab
Description: Personal, engaging, full of life with all the joy and all the pain that comes from being alive. Her heart is out there. Because her heart is out there, one can bruise it without intending to.

She just got me. Wow. ^_^

So... at my lowest point last Thursday... when I felt that I had nowhere to go, that I had no one who could or would understand... I got the most amazing, supportive phone call from my twitter friend alice. I cannot thank her enough.
She also organised a place for me to crash for a bit.. and I crashed hard at ann's place. Thank you.. again and again and again.
Later that night I spent some time with karen and scott where I cried and laughed and danced and drank. Exactly what the doctor ordered.
I love you guys... all of you... so very much.

And then it was Friday afternoon.
I was spending some time with my cousin, when I got a phone call from my SU friend alfred from halfway across the world. The connection was bad, but the love and concern was real... and I felt so blessed.
I also got a lovely message from a friend who I had touched with a few words on a card. That meant a lot to me.
I put myself out there and I got it all back. And that makes it all worth while.

So... at Heather's Baby Shower on Saturday, when she introduced the girls as "my internet friends", I laughed and looked around at my pinkdrinks crew.
I just knew... these people are my friends for life.
I never ever forget a friend....
and your kindess will never be forgotten.
Thank you ladies and gents.




  1. That is what friends are for!

    Thank you for being you - real and out there.
    Thank you for the support you have given me too.
    Thank you for the "klap" you will give me one day when you realise I am making a mistake.

    Friends forever! (Wish I had a special handshake now... *giggle*)

    ... and now onwards and upwards.
    New year, new decade, new life.
    Time for you to shine bright, princess.

    #pinkdrinks #badtothebone #tupperwareparty
    Love & stuff

  2. No burden, no heaviness about it. It is exactly right that a special person like you should be surrounded by friends and protected and loved when you need it. It's what we are friends for. Deeper than the deepest search engine, my lovely (internet) friend.

  3. True friendship...Someone somewhere thinks of your smile and while thinking of you thinks life is worthwhile. so when you get lonely, remember it's true someone somewhere is thinking of you! i love you lucious babe for real!!

  4. i just don't have any more words.