Monday, January 15, 2018

New year, same me

Oh hey. It's 2018. Well I'm not going to summarise 2017. It's just another year. And I'm just not into looking back right now.

Right now, I'm trying to focus on something to look forward to. And so I'm trying to plan for Boom music festival in Portugal. Lord knows why, but I've booked tickets and now I'm slowly trying to figure out how I'm going to survive out there.

After the modem festival last year, I've learned that I can survive the travel aspect. And modem was pretty comfortable, relatively speaking. Boom is incredibly hot and dusty and very big. So I'm scared.

I'm also going with my cousin and some friends do that amps up the social anxiety part. I was happy to do modem by myself because I could do it at my own pace and not worry about anyone else. Not sure I really want people around me while I'm struggling with self doubt.

But anyway. One of the ways that I've been thinking of preparing is.... Um. Losing weight. And yes. I know.... That even seems impossible to me. But I'm trying. Well I tried. But I really really can't. And I hate that about me so much.

I thought I could try the paleo diet again because I lost so much weight the last time but... Urgh. It's so boring. I might throw up on water. Gross.


I need another plan.

Or maybe another me.

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