Monday, November 5, 2012

Good morning

I dread mornings.
I hate the heavy weight of duty and obligation.
I want to run away... every single day.
I need to stay away from dangerous places.. so I'm not tempted.

I'm not happy.

Every single day I feel "not good enough".
I feel alone.
And desperate.
And mean.

So I guess I've succumbed to depression..
and I absolutely hate it.

I guess I've had a good run this anus horribilis so I shouldn't be too surprised.
I've been down this road before and I got out of it.... relatively ok.
But... I cant help but wonder if this is just the way some people have to live.
Not everyone gets their fairytale ending.
Not everyone gets their happy.
Sometimes... you just have to get on with the best you can with what you've got... be grateful ... and some other stupid platitudes.

And as I'm writing this... a little teeny tiny faint child-like voice says:

So I try again.

Fuck it.

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