Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blog Challenge - Day 23 to 25 of 31 days of Blogging

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23. Write about someone who inspires you.
Hmm... I've been asked this question before... and I've been stumped. I admire lots of different people for lots of different qualities that I dont have. I admire strong, beautiful, intelligent, opinionated, witty and successful women because I want to have a bit of all of that. I admire men that are kind and good-hearted. There isn't really one person that inspires me to be better but I am lucky enough to have a few people around me that want the best for me. That's good enough for now.

24. Pick a picture or quote that speaks to you and explain why. 
Just one??? :) On StumbleUpon, that's all I would do all day. I'm trying to use my words more than images these days because pictures can hide many things. So, if you want to know what images "speak to me", check out my pinterest.

This currently speaks to me because I now have mermaid hair. Mermaids have always meant something to me. Something about being a fish out of water.... and too emotional. 

25. Post a moment from your day 
This Christmas, it's all about my niece and goddaughter, Haley. Merry Christmas, baba.

And to all a good night.


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